About Us
Our Mission Statement

Lutherans for Life of Missouri is a state affiliate of National Lutherans for Life in Nevada, Iowa. Our organization is open to any Lutheran in an​y synod.

Our mission is to educate fellow Lutherans and others about Life Issues, such as abortion, euthanasia, chastity, cloning, and stem cell research. We assist laypersons and church professionals with resources for Bible studies, school topics, and community action. We are here to encourage our churches and members to consider Life Issues and to integrate them into their worship and education.

Our History

Lutherans for Life of Missouri was begun in 1987 by Jeanne Mackay, who began a Lutherans for Life chapter in each city where she lived, including Perryville, Springfield, and Kansas City. Our organization has 18 local chapters throughout Missouri.​

Our current President, Diane Albers, was elected in 1994 and previously was responsible for chapter development. She is a retired teacher in a Lutheran pre-school and organized development of a pro-life series of lessons for K-8 published by Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis.

The Board of Directors represents members throughout the state and include professional church workers and laypersons in various professions and vocations.​​​​​​

Our Board Members

  • ​​​​​President, Newsletter Editor, Website Coordinator ​- Diane Albers 
    (314) 631-9240
  • Secretary - Sylvia Glenn​​  ​      
  • Treasurer - Linda Copeland        
  • Pastoral Advisor - Rev. Brian Whittle     
  • High Schools - Bill Gasau        
  • Linda Gasau   
  • Ruth Kirchhoff 
  • Barb Stahlman
  • Lia Schnitzler

  • Kim Deluce